Prashar Lake Trek Himachal Pradesh

Parashar Lake is located in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, about 49 km from the main town of Mandi. This lake is surrounded by the beautiful Dhauladhar mountain range. The height of Parashar Lake is 2730 meters above sea level. The actual circumference of this lake is less than half a kilometer, and the view around the serene natural Parasar Lake is very beautiful and attractive. Surrounded by mountains from all sides, Parasar Lake looks beautiful to see, its surroundings are sometimes green, sometimes there is dry grass on the mountains and sometimes there is snow all around, which attracts many people.

Prashar lake mandi

Himachal is world famous for its beautiful snow-capped mountains and greenery all around as well as lakes and other tourist destination. There are many such lakes here, Parashar Lake is one of them which attracts tourists.

Parashar Temple History

There is a three-story Rishi Parashara temple is also built near this lake, which is built in pagoda style. According to an estimate, this temple was built by the then Mandi Naresh Bansen in the thirteenth century. This temple is made of wood and stone the wooden art in the temple is very amazing. The temple has sculptures of Rishi Parashara, Lord Vishnu, Shiva, and Lakshmi. Tourists who come to see the beauty of the lake and visit this temple.

  • This place is also known as the Taposthali of Parashar Rishi, hence the name of this lake is Parashar Lake. 
  • Every year on makar Sankranti a huge fair is organized here, where devotees come from far and wide. These fairs are organized on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Rishi Parashar.
  • It is a natural lake as well as a beautiful picnic spot, you can reach the lake by vehicle or walking track. Vehicles can come up to some distance from this lake. From here you have to reach the lake on foot. It takes more than 2 hours to reach here by vehicle from Mandi.
  • It is a natural lake as well as a beautiful picnic spot, you can reach the lake by vehicle or on foot. Vehicles can come to some distance from this lake.

Prashar Lake Trek information

  • This entire track is about 2 days, while the total distance of the track is about 16 km. While going on this trek, you can see the Dhauladhar Mountains as well as the mountains of Pir Panjal and Kinnaur.
  • This track is not too difficult for pedestrians as well.
  • People of any age can easily reach here

Things to Carry during Trekking

  • Original identity card 
  • You should also take a first aid Box and medicines.
  • Carry warm Cloths, packed food,  water bottle, knife, LED torch, sunglasses

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