A complete travel guide to Kheerganga, Kullu

 While I was going through the photographs from Kasol to Kheerganga trip, I also remember how badly I was struggling there. No not because of being alone but somewhere, due to lack of proper details, it was quite tough for me. You will be also surprised to know that there is such a lack of proper information related to the Kasol and Kheerganga trips. So, after returning from my trip, I have decided to provide a complete guide on trekking to Kheerganga as well as everything that you should know before going on the Kasol trip. Also, if you have visited before then you are welcome to add more suggestions. Feeling excited? Get ready to know the complete guide for enjoying your trip to its fullest!

Kheerganga Kullu

Must do Kheerganga trek

If you have visited Kasol then never forget to enjoy the Kheerganga trek. It has been located in Parvati Valley at an altitude of 2950 m. For exploring it, you need to go to Barshaini. From there, you will find 3 routes. You can choose anyone depending on your interest:

Way 1: You can just walk to the bridge and then take the left turn. There, you can ask anyone about the way to Kheerganga. It will take around 3 to 4 hours, well, it is the shortest route that is preferred by everyone.

Way 2: From the bridge itself, you need to hike up to Kalga village. If you love to explore dense forests then you can go for it. But, if you are not sure then you can also lose your way, so most people avoid this way.

Way 3: You can directly go from Tosh village. It is especially for those who are staying in Tosh and want to trek the next day. It also provides a lot of exploration related to river flows and natural things.

How to reach Kheerganga?

There is no direct train or bus plying for Kheerganga. For example, if you are going from Delhi, then you can book a bus for Bhuntar and Kasol.

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