Why you should go for Kerari Lake trek?

Are you planning to conquer the Himalayan Mountains? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Just, pack your bag right now and leave for Kareri Lake Trek right away. Oh! Do you first want to know why you should go for Kerari Trek? Well, here, in this content, you will get all the answers related to Kerari Trek.

So, let us first know some important things about Kerari Lake Trek:

It is often that people generally look for an average trekker destination/trail for adventure purposes. The reason behind this is only to enjoy the trek without any kind of risks. As, many people go along with family, and children so it is too common for them to look for such a safe place. So, the very first reason that makes Kerari Lake Trek attractive is this only. It covers all the aspects such as a good place for adventures, thrill, and most important a very safe place.

About Kerari Lake Trek:

  • Situated at a height of almost 3400 meter
  • Starts from Base Camp of Snow Monk Camp in Salli Village
  • Nearest to Dharamshala (if you want, you can also go there) 
  • Acquires trek through the village
  • Provides a look at the local traditional facades
  • Also, you will be able to see the snow-capped Dhauladhar Himalayas 

So, you will be able to see the panoramic natural beauty and can also enjoy chilly winds by going to Kerari Trek. After that, you will find shepherds with their flock of different animals, such as sheep, horses, dogs, etc. Also, as you go forward, you will find the Chandrela Temple where you can rest and can do lunch. Finally, you will arrive at the final destination, Kareri Lake. You will definitely find this place very peaceful and will think that you are in heaven. The freshwater of the lake, mountains, greenery, and wind will make you absolutely think just like that you are in a magical world. So, what are you waiting for, just go and plan a trip to Kerari right now?

Best time/weather to go for Kareri Trek

Time plays a very important role while going to Kareri Trek. As, in different seasons, you will find different experiences. For example, in monsoons, you will find the lake overflowing with heavy water; in autumn, you will find a clear sky; in winters, you will find the environment so chilled; again in summer, you will find the water muddy due to more trekkers. So, in a different time, you will experience something new. But, we recommend if you want to enjoy the Trek to the fullest then must go in the spring season. In that, you will find the best in everything.

Activity Facts about Kareri trek

  • Region: Dhauladhar Himalaya
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Grade: Easy to Moderate

Thus, now what is stopping you from going to Kerari? If you want to see the real beauty at just one place then give a visit to such a heaven place as soon as possible.

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