Where is the Manimahesh Kailash

Manimahesh, situated at a distance of about 85 km from Chamba city of Himachal Pradesh, The Lord Shiv appears in the form of a naive gem. That is why it is called Manimahesh. Surrounded by the Dhauladhar, Pangi, and Zanskar mountain ranges, this Kailash mountain is known as Manimahesh-Kailash. For thousands of years, devotees have been coming on an exciting journey. Chamba is also known as Shivbhoomi. It is believed that Lord Shiva resides in these Manimahesh mountains. There are different views about when Yatra started, but it is said that Lord Shiva has appeared here many times to his devotees. The presence of a natural lake at an altitude of 13,500 feet is proof of some divine power. 

According to the Hindu religion, Manimahesh-Kailash is surrounded by the Dhauladhar, Pangi, and Zanskar ranges of the Himalayas. lakhs of devotees reach here to visit a bath in the holy Manimahesh Lake. The way to reach Manimahesh through mountains, ravines, and rivulets is full of adventure. Manimahesh Yatra is considered equivalent to Amarnath Yatra. Those who are unable to go to Amarnath reach Manimahesh Lake for a holy bath. Now reaching Manimahesh Lake has become even easier.

Manimahesh Trek Tour Important Highlights

  • Manimahesh is at an inaccessible snowy place. Therefore, it is mandatory for the people going here to be healthy.
  • Always carry the necessary warm clothes and medicines.
  • The time of May, September, and October is suitable for Manimahesh Lake.
  • The weather can worsen at any time on the travel route, so carry an umbrella, wind cheater, raincoat, and waterproof shoes with you.
  • Keep clothes and other food items in a waterproof bag so that the goods do not get wet in the rain.
  • Carry an identity card or travel slip with you.
  • Do not stop in areas where any warning is noticed.
  • There are many ups and downs in the journey route, so do not travel wearing slippers. Travel wearing only tracking shoes.
  • Do not take any shortcuts during the journey as it can be dangerous and fatal.
  • Do not do any work that causes pollution or damages the environment on the travel route.

How to Go Manimahesh Kailash Trek 

  • Manimahesh Yatra starts from Hadsar on foot. 
  • Manimahesh is 17 KM from Bharmour, about 82 KM from Chamba, and 220 KM from Pathankot.
  • Pathankot is the nearest railway station for Manimahesh Yatra, while Kangra airport is the nearest airport.

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