Tosh Valley Trek Himachal

Tosh is a small village situated at the beautiful highest altitude of 7,874 feet and green trails at the end of Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Tosh Village is a hidden gem that charms your eyes with its majestic views of the vast Himalayas and gleaming waterfalls. Tosh Valley, a tributary of Parvati River - As the home of Tosh River, this trekking spot will grab your attention and make you fall in love with the immense beauty of nature in Tosh Valley.

Children below 10 years of age are not recommended to go on this adventure, the total distance up and back from the base camp is about 6 km and the base village from where the trek begins is a small village called Barshaini. Tosh Trek for a holistic trip Trail Type Grasslands, dense forests, and ever-flowing streams

How to Reach Tosh Valley Trek:

Kasol -- Barsheni -- Tosh Village

You can start your trek from Barsheni to Tosh, which is about 13 km from Kasol. You can easily get any public or private transport to reach the theBarsheni. The nearest airport is Buntar Kullu Airport which is located at a distance of 30 km from the starting point of the Tosh trek.

General Travel Tip To tosh Trek:

  • Always Carry a travel Torchlight. Pack all the clothes for the season and keep all the essentials needed for the trip.
  • Do not walk alone at night in Tosh Valley, It's dangerous.
  • Do not indulge in some illegal drugs, alcohol, etc. activities.
  • Always carry a water bottle and snacks and some eating-packing food with you.
  • Pahari culture is unique. Show respect for culture and norms.
  • Keep the environment clean and green.
  • Be careful and do not harm the wildlife.
  • Although it is an easy trek, it is advisable to travel with a trekking guide.

Tosh Trek Quick Facts:

  • Maximum Altitude: 7,874 ft
  • Tosh Trek Distance: 6 KM to the Parvati Valley
  • Tosh Trek In summer the temperature goes up from -7.6°C to 13.5°C. In winter the day temperature goes up to -9.5 °C to 3 °C.
  • The last ATM is in Kasol City
  • Trekking gradient: Easy Trek

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