Malana Magic Valley Trek

Malana is an ancient village in the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh. This village is not only ancient but also very beautiful, Situated at an altitude of 9,842 feet, this village has become very famous among adventure and Marijuana lovers (Hashish) in the last few years. This village with a population of 1750 is very famous among foreign and local tourists. There is no road to reach this village, you can reach there on foot. 

Malana is considered to be the oldest democratic village in the world. The peoples of this follow the orders of Jamlu Rishi (mythical deity) and there is a council of 11 members, Any decision taken by these members is considered by the whole village. However, now the situation is changing. Over the years, villagers have gone to the Kullu District Court against their displeasure with the decisions, after which the council has stopped adjudicating disputes.

History Of Malana Village

People living here say that when Alexander invaded India, some of his soldiers took refuge in Malana village and then started living there. It is said that the residents here are the descendants of the same soldiers of Alexander. However, this has not yet been fully proven. Many things from the time of Alexander have been found in Malana village. It is said that the sword of Alexander's era is also kept in the temple of this village.

Interesting Facts Malana Village

  1. Malana village speaks a language called Kanashi, They consider it a sacred language. This language is not spoken anywhere else in the world except Malana.

  2. According to the local people of Malana, all outsiders in the holy land are untouchables, they do not want outsiders to interfere in their affairs.

  3. The people of Malana refrain from shaking hands with outsiders and touching them. However, the new generation does not accept all these things. They don't mind talking to outsiders, shaking hands, or hugging.

  4. People here marry in their own village. If a person marries outside the village, he is thrown out of the community. However, such a case is rarely heard.

  5. Akbar is worshiped in the temple once a year in the village. Outsiders cannot see this worship.

  6. Police entry completely banned in Malana

What is Malana village famous for?

Malana is famous for its "Malana Cream" cannabis. Hashish is known as Bhang in Himachal Pradesh. Cannabis plants that grow in the Parvati valley are considered high purity hash in the world Most of the local and foreign tourists come here, to desire 'Malana Cream' i.e. Marijuana. Actually, this place of Parvati Valley gets the best marijuana in the world.

The people of Malana consider outsiders as untouchables?

Malana is also called the village of taboos, the residents of Malana are descendants of Aryans. Because of this, they consider people outside as untouchables.

Best Time To Visit Malana

Being located in the Himalayan region, the climate of this village is extreme. Summers are the best months to visit this place

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