Khabru Waterfall, Boh Kangra

 Himachal Pradesh is full of scenic beauties and magnificent nature offerings that attract people to visit and spend their leisure time here for people who are seeking solace and want to witness unparalleled tranquillity then the Khabru waterfall trek is the perfect place for you. Khabru trek is brimming with amazing breathtaking views and it is quite different from other tracks as the trekkers will finally end their trek at the summit where they will be welcome with a fascinating waterfall where they can relax and enjoy the cool touch of flowing water that will sweep away their tiredness and reinvigorate energy to enjoy the nature at its best.

The best thing about the Khabru waterfall trek is that not many people have discovered this enticing trek off lately so you will not find a lot of people like other treks which makes it more exciting as nature is explored best in a bit of solitude. Khabru has situated in Boh valley 45 km from Dharamshala. Khabru is the highest waterfall in Himachal Pradesh and we bet you once you visit this place you will lose in the serenity and allure of this trek, Imagine a waterfall nestled between the high peaks of the mighty Himalayan range and dense forest. It is located in the Kangra district and is easily accessible to everyone. If you are seeking a much-needed escapade from your daily hustle and bustle then this trek is ideal for you as this memorable journey through a lush green forest to the glorious waterfall will overwhelm you with energy and nirvana that will stay with you for the longest time.

The main attraction of this trek is the spectacular Khabru waterfall which is a hidden gem of Kangra that allows trekkers and tourists to have some fun with their friends and family in the lap of nature. You can enjoy some relaxing time after trekking and with some magi and tea at the top while enjoying the most transcendent view. At the top trekkers will witness the Mystic waterfall surrounded by nature at its best with flower trails and dense forest. The approximate height of the magnificent curtain of water towering nearly 50 feet high cascades into a rocky gorge.

Khabru Waterfall Trek Start Details:

Khabru trek is about a 3km hike from Boh valley to the Khabru waterfall, the estimated time will be around 2 to 3 hours and the duration of the trek is for 1 day.

Kick-off Point of the Trek: The area is well connected with the destination point Boh valley and trekkers need to reach the Boh valley from Dharamshala by their vehicles or rented cabs.

Best time to visit Khabru Waterfall: March - June & October to December

Trekking Nation invites you to visit this beautiful valley that has a lot to offer as you can visit many old temples during your trek this place is full of astonishing natural beauty and one should visit this breathtaking destination.

Itinerary: Camping at the Campsite

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